5 Mental Health Tips for Parents

All parents want to raise their children to be happy and healthy. With so many new pressures and problems on the rise, however, it can be hard to know what to do. Today, adolescents are feeling increasingly isolated, and they may not know how to communicate what they’re going through. it’s not always easy to tell when your child needs help. If you’re a parent, you might find these six mental health tips useful.

5 Mental Health Tips for Parents

1. Check in With Your Kids Regularly

Parents think they need to be superheroes, but being able to “do it all” isn’t necessary. The best thing you can do is simply be there for your kids. Be present and available when your children want to talk, and be sure to check in with them regularly. Even if they’re not entirely receptive at the moment, they should know that they can come talk to you whenever they need to.

2. Don’t Blame Yourself

When you, your child or another family member is going through a stressful time, it can be easy to blame yourself. You may be thinking: “What am I doing wrong?” or “Am I not a good parent?” Remember that you’re doing the best you can, don’t fall into the trap of comparing your situation to that of others.

3. Confide in A Trusted Individual

You aren’t alone in this, and it’s okay to ask for help. Seek out a physician, a therapist, a family member, a child’s teacher, or a trusted friend. Let them know what you’re experiencing. If your child is struggling, it’s perfectly normal to feel helpless or unsure of what to do next. You might be surprised at how uplifting it can be to receive guidance from someone you trust. Moreover, they may offer advice that you would never have considered yourself.

4. Cool Off, Don’t Argue

It happens: when stressful situations arise, tempers flare. In this scenario, it’s important to remember your role as the adult in the room. Allowing your anger to get the best of you isn’t healthy for you or your child. Whenever you’re tempted to lash out or say something you might regret, take a pause to cool off. If you can’t have a productive conversation, save it for another time.

5. Don’t Forget About Your Own Mental Health

If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, you’ve heard something like this during the in-flight safety speech: “In the event of an emergency, place your oxygen mask over your mouth and nose before assisting others.” This is a difficult rule for parents to follow. Instinctually, you want to protect your kids first. With that being said, you can’t help them effectively without helping yourself. If you don’t practice self-care and look out for your own mental health, how can you expect your kids to do the same? As far as mental health tips go, this is the most important one to keep in mind.

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