We offer a Job Readiness Program
with curriculum-based
programming to enhance their
ability to search, apply,
and gain employment.


We believe everyone
deserves to be empowered.


Lead4Life, Inc. believes in
giving individuals involved in
the criminal justice system an
opportunity for change.


We need more peer
and adult mentors who
would be willing to invest
time in a young life.

Lead4Life, Inc.: The Village Making a Difference.

I want to express my deep appreciation for the work that the Lead4Life program  has done for my family, and namely for my precious 15-year old daughter. My experience with the Lead4Life team has been nothing short of a great experience. During the time-frame of August 2012 to mid-October 2012, I found myself completely at a loss and deeply troubled with my daughter’s behavior, as she was on a path of destruction.  I was completely at a loss and feeling like I had nowhere to turn for answers. I was starting to become hopeless, as I was on the brink of having to send her away. I am truly thankful to the Lead4Life program and Kelsey…for everything they have done. It is greatly appreciated, and has made a tremendous difference in our lives. I can really see it in my daughter.

Mr. Fleming, father

“I’m not a regular member, but just by sitting here, I can tell that this group is different from all the other groups I’ve been in. In those groups, they help because they’re getting paid. They don’t really care. But, this group – you can feel the love.”

Female visitor

“People used to call me heartless. I could be mean. I didn’t care about other people. But L4L and Ms. Jen opened their arms. She doesn’t judge. This program makes me become a better person.  It makes me want to help other people. You see things differently. It used to be all about me. Now, I care about how I think about people. I don’t want to hurt their feelings. I put it in a nicer way.”

Hasina, 21 years old

“The first time  I came to the group, I came late. I’m thinking, ‘I don’t care about this.’ But, then after a while, I got closer to Ms. Jen.  Me and her got together, and we became close. It just made me realize that in life, it’s not about giving up. It’s about pushing yourself. I was, like, a junior when I came here. When I was in 12th grade, I started getting my grades up.  I became an Honor Roll student, I got a job and everything. Everything was going well for me. If Ms. Jen can put up with us and all we’ve done in life, I believe that I can make a change in life. I chose a major to be a social worker to help others. Ms. Jen led me to become someone who can help others.”

Mona, 18 years old

“Lead4Life has helped not only my child, but my family. They worked with us to make sure our family received the needed community-based programs. They went above and beyond to get us food, clothing, and needed house items. My family is extremely grateful.”

Mother of 14-year-old female

Growing, Productive, and Empowered.

Lead4Life, Inc. empowers individuals using strength-based initiatives to improve their quality of life. We promote empowerment through direct services, advocacy, and education to enhance their ability to make healthy choices, allowing them to grow and become productive.